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Wireless number portability

So what I'm planning on doing is next week when I'm back in the country I plan to go to telus and pick up a sweet LG G4 BUT I'm moving my number from koodo, just to throw a cat into a flock of pigeons my plan is currently on a season hold because I was out of Canada for a few consecutive months. For the mobile portability to work the number has to be "active" even though it's on a season hold can I transfer it to telus. Or do I have to select a plan for 1 day and then transfer to telus...

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AFAIK you would need to switch to a regular plan first. The seasonal hold does suspend all services associated with your phone.
Next question. Would they go bill the entire period or just the 15 hours I need it to work...
Just called kood support.myour plan can be on a seasonal hold and still be considered "Active" thus I can port out.
Just contacted koodo support, even though the account is on seasonal hold its still considered "active" thus I can port to telus and get my G4 xd