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So wind has got a pretty sweet deal. 39 bucks for unlimited everything USA and CAN. Im on a grandfathered plan with koodo 57 bucks unlimited canada wide with caller id, vm, 2gb of data. Will koodo provide me with more data if i choose to move over? I know a few of the negatives about WInd and im really happy with the coverage that i get with KOODO. based off of where i live and where i am wind just makes sense i save around 20 bucks for the switch and get more albeit being in winds zones. does koodo have a rentention team even?

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No retention team, Kailesh. You're lucky with that $57 plan, because that same 2GB plan is $70 now on Koodo. That's all the retention you'll get, I'm afraid. It is up to you to decide if moving over to Wind is worth it to you, losing the precious Canada wide usage that Koodo offers. But you won't have much choice except either to stay on your awesome $57 plan, or get the $39 Wind one 🙂
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And furthermore, Koodo does not compete with WIND. WIND is a regional carrier, Koodo is a national carrier. You're literally getting what you paid for.
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I would say it depends whats your priorities. Data or Long distance. I know peopple who use data switch to regional carriers but people who use long distance talk time stays with the national carriers. I rather prefer long distance cuz for data I use wifi most of the time. Every player has own benefits thats why they are in game.