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will the Samsung galaxy s4 come in white any time soon?

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Telus is announcing it on their web site, I wish Koodo can also get the white color choice ASAP
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Koodo won't say until it happens and if they do it will be announced on Koodo's Facebook page, so keep an eye out there.
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It's also imo unlikely. Koodo didn't get the S III in any color other than blue even though Telus had Blue/White/Red/Black.
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grab the Black model anyways, the pattern that's on it looks awesome I absolutely love it and wouldn't trade mine for a white model at all if I had the option to choose. The black and silver make it look sleek and stylish while the white is just white and has no pattern like the black. Also if you get the S4 grab a INCIPIO Dual Core Pro case it is very minimal and it has a rubber inner layer with a plastic outer part that clips overtop of the rubber but the plastic pice has a rubberized coating Ober it & it feels AMAZING, I Highly HIGHLY recommend it, it makes the S4 feel incredible. It's the perfect accessory to the perfect phone.