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Will the Nexus 6 work on the Koodo network?

  • 8 November 2014
  • 3 replies

If Koodo doesn't get the Nexus 6 in its lineup, will it be possible to use Nexus 6 phones on Koodo? I am interested in switching to Koodo, but I don't want to switch if it means I can't use a Nexus 6.

3 replies

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All nexus devices are unlocked to work with any carrier. So yes
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You bet your bottom dollar it will! Nexus phones have always come unlocked! so regardless of which carrier its purchased from, or if its purchased straight from Google, it most certainly WILL work with Koodo 🙂
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The new Nexus 6 I believe is the first phone that supports every GSM network in the world ....so you are good to go pretty much anywhere in the world where there is cell phone provider