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Will the LG K4 work in Europe if I get it unlocked?

As the title says, I am going to Europe for an extended period of time.  Will the phone be able to pick up on the European frequencies?

Would save me a good amount of cash if I could use this phone with just a SIM.

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North America works on 850/1900 3G mainly, overseas 900/1800, but many recent phones are quad-band and will cover all these frequencies for voice and texting.

Where it gets more difficult is with high speed data.

You would have to get the exact specs of your particular K4 model from LG. It's not really a very high end product, and I expect getting something more in tune with the European working environment would be less frustrating in the long run.

Here's a quick guide to what you can expect.



Hi Bob, thanks for the reply.  This information is very helpful.