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Will the Google Pixel phone be offered to purchase again or has Koodo stopped selling it?

I was about to buy the Pixel phone but when I went to the website the next day it was no longer offered. I see the Pixel XL is still there but not the regular version. Is this temporary or has Koodo stopped offering this phone?

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They have most likely stopped carrying it, as the new Pixel will be announced soon. I believe Google is clearing them out also at a reduced price.
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You could try buying it from Google or second hand if you really want that phone
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Might as well wait for Koodo to get the new one in October if your not in serious need of a new phone as it's already a year into it being supported for the 18-24 months Google updates their devices for. The new will also be much much better in many ways including dual stereo speakers and the cool new squeeze feature as well as much more.