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will my galaxy s4 work in europe? Do I have to get it unlocked?

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If you are just going to use the phone occasionally and can live with Koodo's roaming rates, no unlock is required. The phone will work in the areas listed on the roaming page. http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/travelling Choose HSPA and the country you are visiting to get an idea of services and rates. You will have to activate international roaming and long distance in self-serve. For more extensive use of the phone, get it unlocked and use a local provider's SIM. The names of Koodo partners you see in the country selection are a good place to start. Wifi, of course, works everywhere at no cost to you. If you can deal without call features on a temporary basis or want to avoid unwanted expenses, put your galaxy in airplane mode and turn wifi back on manually. The phone will function like a tablet, and you always have the option of flipping out of airplane mode temporarily to make calls, check messages, etc. Bon voyage.
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