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will koodo transfer my contacts and pictures with a new phone?

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I once changed my phone in store and the guy was able to transfer my contacts but pictures won't. You would need to do it by yourself!
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Contacts are fairly easy to send through Bluetooth between any of the OS's, including most flip phones, except iPhone. They don't play nice with that stuff. There's another way that involves syncing them with iTunes on your Gmail account and then getting them from there or something along those lines but I'd have to search it again. Pictures can be sent too, but this is generally longer and/or slower process. If it's between Androids, then Motorola Migrate or HTC Transfer tool works well, Windows Phone has its own transfer thing built in, as does BlackBerry 10 (called device switch). I've used several of these programs myself for customers moving to/from various OSes.
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Normally it's not a problem if it's not busy.
But it's always busy 😛