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Will Koodo Carry The Samsung Galaxy S6 in 64gb?

With no expendable storage, 64gb will be the ideal size for the vast majority of buyers out to get the new Samsung Flagship but will Koodo offer the 64gb version? Koodo offers the 64 gb iPhones, so why not the new Samsungs as well?

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Nobody will know until it happens so just keep an eye on the Koodo webstore and Koodo's Facebook Page as that's where they announce new devices. That said 32gb is going to be the most popular sold device size as the average user bought the 16gb model of any device the last few years so 32gb is actually a nice sized jump from what the average user is use to. I do agree that Koodo should carry the 64gb model but unless they get a mass of requests for it like they did with the iPhone 6 then we'll be stuck with the smaller storage size.
That would be a real same for the split group that do need the larger storage. Thank you for your reply!