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Will Galaxy S3 work in Austrailia with TelstraPre-Paid

I have a Galaxy S3.  Going to Australia and want to get the Telstra Sim only  Pre-paid package while I am there for voice, text and data.

Do I have to do something special before I Ieave (I see references to unlocking phones but I am not sure what that really means)   to be able to remove my existing Koodo Sim card while I am gone and replace it with the Telstra Starter package when I get to Aussieland?

Also  would anything special have to be done when I return back to Canada to enable my Koodo card again?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Debbie,
Unlocking your S3 (SGH-i747M) will allow you to use your phone with other carriers, provided your phone supports their frequency bands. According to the spec sheet for your S3, it should support all the bands offered by Telstra. Depending on how long you're planning to be away, you may want to opt for the $15 Seasonal Hold Plan.
This plan will allow you to keep your Koodo phone number and account open while traveling outside of Canada. This plan temporary suspends your wireless service, including voice, data, and text, and your regular monthly plan charge. Please read the section titled, "A few things to keep in mind".
Seasonal Hold Plan http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/b...
Australian Phone Networks and Frequencies Explained http://www.whistleout.com.au/MobilePh...
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If your S III was provided by Koodo then it's locked. Koodo can unlock it for you for $35 but I don't recommend them for that model. You can find cheaper unlocks at cellunlocker.net, unlock box, or even eBay. Online unlock services will usually provide a code. You turn off the phone, put in a different provider's SIM, and then it'll ask for the PIN code to unlock it. You don't need to do anything special to reactivate Koodo service when you return. Just put the SIM back in. I recommend keeping your Koodo SIM either at home or tape it to a business card or your new provider's SIM plastic cutout piece to make it less likely to be misplaced/lost.
Thanks for the info.   Do I still have to Unlock the SIM  even if I put my service on Seasonal hold?   I'm gone for about 2 months and looking at how to keep my Canada number,  yet temporarily have a new Aussie number for local calls there.
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You're not unlocking the SIM, you're unlocking the device to accept anyone's SIM. Seasonal Hold will keep your number active while you're away. Just change it to an in market plan when you get back and put your old SIM back in.