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Will changing my phone number help stop getting billed for a monthly susbcription fee?

I have been billed for 9.99 monthly music subscription apparently since July. I called customer services and they told me its from Rdio app, which I dont recall subscribing to. They told me to go to their site and cancel the subscription. The problem is it appears I had subscribed with my old email account which I dont have any way to access (to either the hotmail or Rdio account) since I forgot my password a long time ago and I never found the way to get it back. I tried emailing Rdio but im forced to open an account with them and I do not want to do that as im scared i will somehow get charged twice. 
My question is: If I change my current phone number, will the 9.99 fee stop appearing on my bill?? I asked another agent this question and he said he didnt know. Or is there any other way to stop this??
PLEASE HELP... i know 10 bucks is not a lot but i dont want to get charged for something Im not even using. 
Im quite happy with Koodo services, but if I cant get any help with this issue, Im afraid i will just switch to another competitor... 

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Usually there would be a 1-800 # to call on your Bill beside the subscription charge.
If not ;
Then changing your phone # may be your best bet, no harm in trying.
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I would have emailed them at info@rdio.com giving them notice to cancel the service. Quote last four digits of the account or card number and also give them my.new email and phone number. Give it a month and if they don't cancel the service then advise the bank to decline any payments to rdio.
Why not first start by getting back into your hotmail account by resetting your password

Then get into your rdio account.... Reset password if need be, they'll probably send a reset pw to your email account I assume