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Will a Kodoo SIM work on an older Samsung A10?

  • 13 October 2021
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So my husband and son have Samsung Galaxy A10’s. 

They are cheap phones but they did the job. In the UK we used both with 2 different networks and they were fine. 

My husband got a Shaw SIM for his phone when we arrived in Canada but it appears to not be compatible? Shaw did say he may not have full functionality with his device but we just wanted it for basic calling and receiving calls and as it had been working fine a week previously in the UK we didn’t think much of it. But it pretty much never works. He can’t call out, it won’t receive calls etc, texting is hit and miss. 4G no chance.

So, is it worth getting a Kodoo SIM or are we going to have the same issue? Don’t want to set up an account and pay out initially if we actually just need to get him a new phone? Anyone else using a Kodoo SIM with an older phone?

We are on Vancouver Island if that makes a difference btw.

Thanks for your time!

7 replies

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Can you provide the model number of your Samsung Galaxy A10?

This is usually found by going to Settings > About Phone or About Device. In the same menu area, look for the name of the device. There may be a letter after Samsung A10, (e.g. Samsung A10e, or Samsung A10s).

These phones appear to be dual-SIM variants. Samsung UK shows the model number SM-A105FN/DS. The DS represents dual-SIM. The global variant model number is SM-A105G/DS. The model number will help determine whether the A10 is compatible with Koodo or not.


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You can also use this link to see If your phone will work



Hi, thanks for the replies. 

My son’s is just an A10    Model number SM-A105FN/DS         

Mine is an A51, model number SM-A515F/DSN and it works on Koodo fine.

My husbands is an A10 S - I haven’t go the model number as its not here tho, I’ll add that when I get it.

I used the willmyphonework link but it doesn’t have phones with the FN letters after the A10 bit - just other combinations of letters - so I can’t use it to check if these will work. Thanks for the thought though :D

My husband has an A10 S model number A107F/DS

He has a Shaw Sim at the moment and he can text but not much else. 

Thanks in advance for any help! New phone or new SIM?!

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This is one place I could find frequency bands. It should work on the 3G/HSPA network regardless, being quad and 3G. Does data work, or is it just slow?

Hmm, that interesting. No data doesn’t seem to work. He can sometimes call out but when he is called, it often just registers a busy tone.  

We are in Courtenay on Vancouver Island and wondered if it was because Shaw have less service here? My Koodo has worked all over without any trouble. Just trying to figure out the problem before we commit to another Sim  - was going to put both A10’s on my Koodo plan but then we wondered if it was the phone, not the Shaw Sim as Shaw had mentioned there may not be full functionality when my husband was setting up his device but we couldn’t see why - either it works or not surely!?

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The A10 should be compatible with Koodo on 3G and LTE*

Band 4 (1700 MHz/2100 MHz AWS-1) is missing on both the A10 and A10s and is one of the bands Koodo uses for LTE. Both phones have Band 7 (2600 MHz) which Koodo also uses for LTE. **LTE service may be intermittent.

Correction. The A10 and A10s should be compatible with Koodo on 3G (possibly missing band 5 for 4G) and LTE* (Band 7 2600 MHz). This could be a misprint as GSMArena reports Band 5 as present. 3G will still allow for calls, messaging and internet access. 

A10 & A10s Compare Specs

Shaw uses a combination of; Band 4 AWS-1, Band 66 AWS-3, Band 13, (700 MHz) band 71 (600 MHz) for their cellular/data services. According to device specifications, none of these bands are present on the A10 or A10s which explains the limited service.

A10 device specifications: https://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model/9fe24f5e

A10s device specifications: https://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model/184a517f

Note that Koodo does not operate a 2G GSM network. The first grouping of frequencies under the heading  GSM are 2G GSM frequencies. UMTS is 3G. Bands 5 (850 MHz) and 2 (1900 MHz) are also used for 4G.