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wilfe calls long distance to vancouver for 4hrs, what plane wold i need

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Hi Gary, all of Koodo's monthly plans include Canada wide calling so there's never long distance charges for calling anywhere in Canada from Canada.

That being said you'd need a plan with 240minutes minimum to cover those four hours. But ask yourself, when does she make those calls? If it's after 5 then any plan with unlimited nights and weekends starting at 5 will fit her needs. She could tall all night from 5pm to 8am. On weekends she could talk from Friday at 5 to Monday at 8! Best yet nights and weekends are included in all of Koodo's current monthly plans

You can check what's available to you at koodomobile.com shop plans.

Make sure you select your region to get the best deals for your area.

If her use is outside that time frame I'd recommend the 35$ Canada wide plan. Assuming your in Ontario for this example. Other regional plans may be available to you.

Thanks  Chad That Helps