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Wifi password change

Help!!! I recently changed the password for my wifi modem... so now of course I can't access wifi with my Samsung Galaxy SII here at home. I know I need to change the password.... But where? How? I've been at it for an hour and can't find where to do it.. Please help me....I know some of you are brilliant when it comes to this stuff 🙂

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Goto Settings, wireless and networks, wifi Longpress your network A popup box will ask you if you want to connect or forget Choose forget Then retap your wifi network Your phone will ask for the pw
OMG Chad.... Thanks so much!!!!! I went through the manual and there is NO mention of the "long press".... Thanks so very much for your help!!!!
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So it all worked out okay then? Cooo!
It did....you are indeed the "Mobile Master".... very much appreciated!