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WiFi issues again after August 2015 update (LGG3)

Hi, gang

After the August 2015 update (to enhance phone quality, etc.) my LGG3 now has a a difficult time reconnecting to WiFi after the screen is unlocked. With Settings/WiFi/Advanced/Keep WiFi on when screen is off set to either Only when plugged in and No (I tried both) my phone is taking 30 seconds to one minute to reconnect automatically. Anyone else having this or similar issues since the newest update?

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Hey Bill,

Thanks for reaching out to us, have you tried to select "Yes" to see if it works? The default setting should be "Yes", this will make sure that your phone won't switch to cellular data when screen is off.

Let us know if you still need help!
Hi. Yes. Keeping WiFi on when the screen is off works. I don't lose WiFi connection. I still have a reconnection lag when the screen is unlocked and the phone tries to reconnect to a saved WiFi connection. Thanks for responding.