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Wife's Galaxy5 Neo Google App Notification setting changes.

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My wife's Galaxy5 Neo keeps failing to notify her of any Updates. This is because sometime (1 or 2 weeks), after I check and reset the Google Apps Notifications to Allow, some unknown App or process is changing the setting back to Blocked. Anyone have any Ideas about what could be causing this. I have the same phone and have not encountered any problems with Update Notifications.

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Are you referring to app update notifications from the Google play store? If so open the play store app. Open the menu and then settings. Here you can change your notification settings
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All Google Apps and all other Games Security etc. downloaded originally from the Google Store.

I wasn't aware that there were similar settings in the Google Store App. Previous instructions given in response to my earlier post (back when this problem first occurred), just mentioned checking the Phone's Notification Settings for the various Apps and at that time the only one "Blocked" was the Google Store App, which was preventing all the others from updating, even though they were selected to "Allow" on the phone. "Allowing" solves the problem for awhile, but then it reappears.

I will follow your instructions and hopefully this will permanently resolve the issue. However it seems to be a poor design if Phone System Settings are fighting with In App Settings. Surely the Phone's System Settings (where all Apps are listed in one place under Notifications) should take precedence?

Checked the Play Store App and under Settings>Notifications both App update options were  check marked.