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wi-fi now accessible where ever you go (low monthly fee for monthly or yearly phone contracts)

The idea I thought of is when on Wi-Fi at available locations, I noticed you have to be right inside the place to recieve the connection. As I have experienced of exceeding my monthly phone plan and not being able to use the web site, my idea is when I leave the location ( Tim Horton's, McDonald's restaurant where ever Wi-Fi is available, (would be nice to still be able to use the site at home still having connection with out loosing connection.

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WiFi doesn't work like that. It's a small range. It can't go much further than the parking lot. Even newer N and A.C frequencies, which reach farther, still have a limit. Do you have Internet in your home? If so, is it wireless? If not, you can make it yourself by purchasing a router from an electronics store.
Thank you for your response. No I don't have internet at home is what I am referring to about the convenience of being able to still have the connection when out of range from where ever Wi-Fi is available. I can't even get Wi-Fi where I am. On my phone it did say something about a router being connected to Wi-Fi.