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Why won't my Galaxy Ace let me send my pictures?

From my gallery I used to have the option to share with facebook. This option has disappeared. I've tried sending to my email addresses with wifi on and off, and using my data plan only to send. It seems to think its sent but nothing ever comes through. I never used to have this problem and could always just hit share and share it to where ever I wanted it to go.

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So you have twitter still as a way to share but not Facebook? Maybe reset your phone would help. Strange.
No I don't have twitter. I have never had twitter. nor do I want it.
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Hi, Joy Hmmm... This is a strange problem. Did this occur after a software update for the phone? Or did it occur after the update of the facebook app itself? Check those scenarios and please reply:) And also, the galaxy ace is a pretty outdated phone to today's standards so maybe its time to consider for an upgrade at least to a budget phone? Hope this helps:)