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Why won't my android phone fully charge?

My phone drains very quickly, without anything happening. When I go to sleep with a fully charged phone, I wake up with it dead. The puzzling part is that when I plug the phone in, it immediately says that its 90% charged, and allow me to turn it on. But a few minutes later, it will drop back down to 3% or so and then die soon after. Its a samsung galaxy Ace and I've had it a little less than a year, but this has been happening the past few weeks. What's going on?

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I suspect your battery has 1 or 2 dead cells in it. time to replace the battery, or upgrade your phone. I am not sure if battery's are covered under samsungs warranty
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It's not worth replacing the battery or making a warranty claim on a Galaxy Ace, to be totally honest with you. I would recommend upgrading your device. There's several excellent devices available for cheap or free on Small Tab right now. My most recommended would be the Moto G (currently free on Small Tab) or HTC Desire 601 ($150 for Small Tab or free on Medium). Go to a store that deals with Koodo and ask them to see the new devices.
If I were you I would try to use Howard Forums. Billions of people are on 24/7 and willing to give you help anytime. Howard Forums has an Android Selection