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Why was I billed twice on my credit card this month?

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Hi Martel, are you a prepaid or postpaid customer? Thank you! 
Me too. One on Sep 14 and the other on Sep 18
I was trying to call customer service but it will cost me $5.00 to talk a customer service rep.
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They will not charge you for a call to investigate a billing issue that you can NOT resolve in Self Serve.
I also was charged again on sep 18 according to my online credit card statement. There's nothing on my koodo transaction history. Hopefully this gets resolved automatically, if not it's always quicker to just call the credit card company.
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Hi there, an issue with double payments on some prepaid account with credit card auto top-up has been reported. We have already resolved this situation and the amount will automatically be reversed on the cards within a few days. Thank you for your understanding! 
I have also been double billed for Sept/15. Will wait a few more days to see if error is corrected. Christine