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Why is this happening? Can't log into self serve no matter what password

I am so fed up honestly, I've been with koodo for only two months and I am far from happy about any of their services. on top of the fact that koodo network service is not that great, my account keeps locking me out so I can't check my usages and for some reason my bill is almost $150 over AGAIN. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE KOODO, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR SERVICE LEAVES EVERYTHING TO BE DESIRED. I'm highly regretting switching over from telus.

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Hi Natalia,

You do know that Koodo == Telus right? They are virtually the same thing. 

Have you viewed your e-bill that outlines the charges on your bill? Page 3 goes over al, the charges for you. As for your self serve account, it will lock you out as a security feature whenever too many incorrect password attempts are made. Have you tried resetting your password?
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@ Natalia, I see you called in for assistance. Hope that helped. Your account show that your email was not validated for your self serve account and that is you weren't able to log in. You would have received an email back when you activated with us.