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Why is the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, not coming in white?

  • 27 April 2015
  • 2 replies

I would be a new user to Koodo. Want to transfer my number (currenty with Rogers) over. I live in Terrace, BC. Would like to buy outright a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in white if possible!...Why is the phone at $860 with only black as a choice, when Virgin Mobile has it at $829 with choice of white or black? Can I have it shipped here and do the connection/ number transfer process online or over the phone? Is the phone coming unlocked?... If I am gone abroad, for a few months, can I put my service on holiday without risking loosing my number? Looking forward to hearing from you, and perhaps getting hooked up with Koodo! Regards, Mario

2 replies

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Hi Mario, Koodo only offers the S6 edge in black, unfortunately not all carriers get all colour choices. Currently, online purchasing of phones cannot be done online. You will have to go to a Koodo retail location to do the number transfer and activation process. You will need to provide Photo ID and a credit card to do so. The phone does not come unlocked, after three months of being with Koodo you can pay 35$ to get the unlock code for the phone. When going abroad for a few months, just change your plan to a "seasonal hold" and they will charge you 15$ per month and this will allow you to keep your number. Hope this helps!
Wow, that is a problem...no Koodo retail Location for over 500 km (If there is one in Prince George, otherwise Vancouver 1300 km)... All the store mentioned on the website for this area, actually do not carry any Samsung S6... Maybe Walmart next month! Might have to go with Virgin as they do offer online orders of phone and sim! Thanks for the reply!