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Why is the hold time so ridiculous?!

I need to reactivate a phone that was put on a seasonal hold.  Tried doing this online several times but received an error message (on multiple browsers/devices).  I called koodo at 11:10 a.m. today, and was on hold until around 12:30, when I was just randomly disconnected (wait music turned to 'busy signal')... wow!  I called right back, and have been on hold for more than an hour and a half now.  In a few minutes I will have spent 3 hours waiting on hold.  I've already tried messaging them on facebook, but it doesn't look like anyone has seen my message.  What is going on??

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Hello Zaina.

Eventually someone will see your message on FB and you'll get an answer. That's your best bet or call in the moringin!
Hey Robert,

I appreciate the nice response. Someone did eventually answer the phone (almost 3.5 hours later.).  The rep seemed to not believe that I had tried to do this several times online and kept receiving the same error message (I was saying that I should not be charged the $10 fee for switching services over the phone, since I could not do the same online - I was not even complaining about the ridiculous wait!).  Why would I spend almost 3.5 hours on hold to talk to someone if I could have easily done what I needed to do online?.... anyway! Definitely not impressed.