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why is my screen staying black on my samsung galaxy 3?

After my phone was done charging i turned it on and got nothing but a black screen, i have the lil blue light blinking but no sound no nothing.

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Try removing the battery then reinserting it after about 30 seconds.
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Hey there, Did you try Daniel's suggestion? Was your issue resolved? If you still need help, I'd recommend to visit a Koodo Store nearby (http://koo.do/locator123) to ask a representative to take a look at your phone. For more information about the manufacturer's warranty, please click here: http://koo.do/JVO5Mk Thank you! ******************************************** If you see a good answer, give it a star.
Thanks guys, i did both i did the battery removal and went to a koodo shop but was told they dont know what to do with it 😞 its only 2 months old they told me to pay off my tab and get a new phone, not very happy.
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You still have warranty service available. Go back and tell them you need to send it out for repair. They will also provide a loaner phone.
wonder why they told me i had to pay off my tab and get a new phone since they couldnt do anything with it, but your right i read all the paper work and iam under full warranty. iam going back tomorrow. Thanks
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They wanted you to buy another phone. Koodo sales reps make commission and they also have sales quotas to meet so they pass the pressure on. In spite of that, you are entitled to your warranty. Did they help you out?
iam waiting for a box so i can send it in for repair now, but for a nice fee of $200