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Why is Koodo charging for call forward?

I have a Telus phone and a Koodo phone, I would like to carry one phone only. Now, there is no charge when I forward Telus to Koodo, why is Koodo asking for $3/month?
Let me get this clear, am I getting this wrong? If I forward my calls from Koodo to Telus I will be charged by Koodo for every and each call received? I am on the Unlimited Canada calls 1 Gb data. Can someone please elaborate?
Thank you.

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Koodo includes pay per use forwarding but if you're going to be doing a lot of it you should grab the add on. Forwarding isn't free with Koodo.
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Telus, being a top-tier carrier offers more services included in their pricing.
Koodo is an economy carrier, and does not include so many services in their more economical pricing structure.

It may be cheaper for you to forward your Telus number to your Koodo phone.

Telus is a significantly better phone. Thanks for your input.