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Why does the new update not work

Guess if I won't allow koodo to invade my privacy I can't use the self serve app , forced a new update and now just crashes my phone . STOP FORCING SHIT UPDATES ON ME !

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Koodo has all your info from your phone anyways without the app, as does every single cellular provider out there so in reality if they wanted to do anything your scared of the App about they can already do it so agreeing to all the permissions shouldn't be an issue.
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I tried the app a while back, couldn't do anything with it, so I ditched it and just use self-serve via web browser. I only use an app in lieu of mobile browsing if the app gives me a much better experience than browsing the site on my smartphone (example: webmail via Gmail app, online banking, public transit).
If the app could do everything self-serve can (hardware upgrades, adding lines to an existing account, making payments, porting a phone number, etc.) then I'd consider it.
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Here is some new info regarding the app update. If you have any issues listed in the post please be patient for a fix. It addressed the "invasive" privacy concerns. https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/self-serve-app-update-for-android-january-2017