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Why do I keep losing data connection?

I use a Moto G and in the last few hours I started experiencing a weird thing where I keep losing connection to the data network whenever I start up an app and it won't reconnect after. It will however work for google chrome, why? I've tried reconnecting, restarting the phone and putting it in airplane mode and back.

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check the apps settings and data use settings. It could be turned off (its a PITA to reset) but with the last couple updates motorolla put out on that series of phones it resets everything and changes a couple settings. 
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Hey Jon,

The first thing to try is turning off the LTE to see if that fixes the problem: Go into Settings > More..., select Cellular Networks > Preferred network type and select "3 G" as your preferred network mode. Turn your Moto G off and then back on again.

If you tried turning off your LTE and are still experiencing the same problem, make sure your Moto G is up to date by going into Settings > About > Software Update.

You can also try performing a backup and restore of your Moto G for good measure.