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Why do I have two tab charges when I fully paid off my prior Tab upon upgrading phones?

Hello. Last month I was faced with a broken phone and was forced to clear my existing tab so I could acquire a new phone through Koodo.

However on my next bill following upgrading, I have 2 tab charges, one for $14 and another for $15.

If I fully paid off my previous tab, than why am I paying for 2 tabs this month?

Should I call Koodo to inquire?

Thanks for your time. 

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It could be a pro rated tab charge from the period that you paid it off. I wouldn't worry about calling in.
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@ Cody When you called in April re your broken phone we gave you a hand with a TAB credit and you also paid off the outstanding amount. The $14 charge was preemptive but was also credited back. On page 2 on your bill you see a $14 credit as well so everything is in order.