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Why did my plan expire eventhough I had enough balance? (had $15 balance for $15 base plan)

so i was always on auto pay for the past 2 yrs,. i had built up bonus credits totalling $10, and I wanted to stop my auto-pay. I know i was missing $5 , so i manually top-up $5 (actual charge was ~$5.50 on my CC) so taht I have $15 balance. However, my plan now says expired beacuse of inssuficient funds. Why is this? 

I added another $3 more now, but still i cannot reactivate it. this is very stupid.

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The prepaid systems are a little slow during non buisness hours when it comes to making manual payments. Your account should be fine and back to normal come morning. Let us know if it is still not working for you come morning.
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Hi Howard, Have you checked the overview page by logging into your self serve prepaid account? There should be a positive balance of $15. Or you'll see a $0 balance and a new renewal date indicating funds were applied toward the baseplan. As Allan mentions, there are delays when making payments manually after business hours. In past experiences, the system usually applies the funds by 6 or 7 a.m. your local time.