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Why did my bill suddenly increase?

My bill has been the same for 8 months and this last bill was a little more. Why is that ?

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Could be any number of reasons. You might have gone over your minutes or data, roaming, international long distance. Have you checked your self serve? It will provide all the details.
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Hi there Cristal... Very difficult to say without looking at your bill, but most of the time when clients have a different bill, is due to over usage on minutes, data, sms, international calling, 411 calls,roaming, ETC... Log into your Self Service account, go under billing and then e-bill, check the details and see what it is, you will find the answer for sure.
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I'd like to know, generally, why people don't look at the bills before asking such a question. Very good chance the answer is right on the bill....
if it is because of data charges, and you don't remember doing any extra data, try this go to settings, accounts and sync and make sure your background data is not on, sometimes ppl don't realize that their apps are updating automatically, also if you have a newer android, hold down your home button and all your apps that are running should show up so you can close them this way.