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Why did Koodo disable the Radio function on my LG G3 cell phone?

  • 23 May 2015
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According to the specifications for the LG G3 phone, the unit has a radio receiver inside the unit to listen to FM radio stations. However that function has been disabled by the firmware that Koodo has installed on this phone. WHY? I would like to listen to music on my phone without incurring data charges. A radio would have done that.

6 replies

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Hey Matt, There are different versions of the LG G3, there's only one version (D855, European model) that supports Stereo FM radio. The North American versions (D850/D851/D852) does not support FM Radio 😕. The Korean version (LG F460/LG G3 Prime/LG G3 Cat.6) even has a built-in TV Antenna that only works in South Korea. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know why there are different versions, maybe to adapt to different markets realities or broadcasting specifications. Thank you! ******************************************** If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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That actually is sort of false. The physical phone does have the ability to do it. Just like the Canadian D852 model also has the ability to Qi wireless charge. They just decided to not include the the second coil receiver on the back plate so that the phone could link to the Qi charger. But the physical phone part can do it. If you void the warranty and re-flash the firmware of the unit to the D855 then the fm radio works, so it's not the physical phone that is missing parts but the firmware inside that is stopping us. HINT: it costs far more to make multiple phone core units for the different markets than it does to make one type of phone and just turn stuff on and off in firmware. Just sad that they turned it off for us.
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Koodo does not manufacture phones or write firmware. If you have a complaint about either, address it to LG.
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Actually the hardware for the FM tuner on the LG-D852 is physically disabled at the manufacturing level by grounding the antenna pin. Flashing the firmware from another G3 will have no effect. The article below may be of interest. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?s=e7aceff26f9083cecd6ce0b8f3ac7c13&t=2788364
Actually the hardware for the FM tuner on the LG-D852 is physically disabled at the manufacturing...You sound like you know your phones. Is Qi wireless charging natively supported, does it need extra hardware beyond a charging mat, or is it a no go?
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Actually the hardware for the FM tuner on the LG-D852 is physically disabled at the manufacturing...According to gsmarena (under features), there is mention that the LG G3 supports Optional Wireless Charging (Qi-enabled). On page 30 of the LG-D852 owners manual, it reads:

Instructions for Wireless Charger:
Be sure to use a wireless charger that is genuine or compatibility-certified by PMA (Power Matters Alliance) standards). (Wireless charger is sold separately).

The LG-D852 uses PMA wireless charging technology and not the Wireless Power Consortium's (WPC) Qi standard of wireless charging. The only charging case I could find, (Powermat Wireless Charging Quick Circle Folio Case PMA LG G3), is available on AT&T's site and a few others (below). The Canadian model (D852) is the same as the AT&T model (D850) where both use PMA charging. The phone needs a battery cover with the necessary pins and charging coil in place.