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why did I get charged for US calls when I purchased an add-on

I purchased a US add-on which included data, calls, texting.  The first day of my plan I was charged $7.50 for calls that I made.  Why?

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Was the add on actived before that call? Did you call a number that was outside the US or Canada? Did you call a number that would've charged you for something over the phone? What exactly is the charge listed for on your bill?
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Colleen - if you take a look at your bill through self-serve you'll see that the $7.50 charge is in fact for long distance calls made from Canada to the U.S., since you don't have a long distance add-on - you get charged the pay-per-use rate. All calls are detailed on pages 4-5 of your latest bill. The roaming breakdown is also on page 5 and it shows $0 for calls made while travelling in the U.S.
Hope that helps.