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Why can't I send a picture with my new phone. I have't used any Data. I have it set to not go over my allowed amount

  • 12 August 2015
  • 3 replies


3 replies

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Data needs to be turned on to send picture texts. This data usage isn't charged by Koodo. However, a lot of apps may update/refresh in the background so if you don't have a data plan you might be in a tough predicament. An alternative is to connect to both WiFi and data at the same time, send the picture, and then turn off your data. You can also try another messaging app like WhatsApp or BBM to send pictures because that can be done over WiFi with no data needed.
The data is turned on. I checked that first. I tried to send a picture of the first shot I took with the new phone camera, and it's been sending for 2 days. Every time I start the phone up again. It tells me the message didn't send.
Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions. I took over a phone number that belonged to a family member, who got a new company supplied phone. The data use was blocked on that phone but it wasn't showing this on self-serve or on the phone. It's resolved. Thank you to everyone who tried to help.