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Why can't I see my response to a text from Koodo

HI i am looking at text received on my daughters phone from Koodo. I don't see text showing she responded yes to them but it says she responded. 1st text: respond yes to add more data" 2nd text moments later "thanks for responding your data has been increased". I am wondering why i can only see the one side of the text messages and I can't see anywhere where she responded at all

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Glitches are possible but quite rare. It's best to exhaust every other avenue first before that. It's possible that she deleted it. You could ask her about that. Is this the first time this happened?
Goran, YesI ahve asked her about it. There are few text messages like this and none of them show her responding. We have had this phone for almost year now and this has never happened normal once data is reached it goes off
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Like Goran said,

Glitches are possible

So if you think it's a mistake, contact Koodo via FB in order to report the glitch.