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Why can I not view picture messages on my Nexus 4 unless I turn on my data? I was able to receive and view on my HTC one V before.

I have had an android phone since I signed up with koodo. I was able to view picture messages on my HTC one V before, but on my new phone, Nexus 4, I can't unless I turn on my data. Why is that, and how can I fix that problem?

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Picture messaging always requires data to be on for pictures to come through… regardless of the phone
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Dennis is correct. On HSPA phones, mobile data must be turned on for picture messaging to work via TEXT MESSAGING. If you receive pictures through another messenger via wifi, that is completely different and not the same thing as MMS.
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I have both an HTC One V and Nexus 4 (and also a Lumia 520).. on both I have to have my mobile data on to receive pictures.