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Why are you not allowed to add call display to your existing plan?

I only want to add call display and not increase my bill by 15.00

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Hi Elaine, Koodo is encouraging people to upgrade to their newer plans... and slowly taking away features from the older ones. Did you know Koodo has an awesome $15 prepaid plan that offers call display, unlimited messaging, voicemail etc? Might that be useful for you?
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You shoiuld post this as an idea. There may still be lots of pople out there on older palns who would be willing to pay for these features,
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It strikes me as odd that they would be forcing you to change your plan just to get Caller ID, although I do not see it listed as an available add on on the website. Maybe try calling into Customer Service and see if there's a way for them to add it for you since it's not available in self serve. It may not be deleted from their end yet.
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I see no reason why Koodo would want to do anything that doesn't encourage customers to switch to a more expensive plan quite frankly. Not as if the competition is offering something better, so old customers are sort of stuck being frustrated or must simply fork over the money for a new plan. There are third party apps that offer caller ID. Also, if you have a newer Android phone that is being upgraded to KitKat, that comes with its own caller ID.