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Why are there so few Galaxy Note 4's available tomorrow?

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It's a high end device that costs $800. Koodo has to order a minimum initial amount from Samsung and there's probably a limited supply of those to begin with since Robellus and any pre-orders got their batches first.
Best buy just told me telus phones can be converted to koodo some how but that you aren't opening the numbers to them. The guy has a bunch of them . I also called your stores and a few have none . only one had any and that was only 7. I think I'll wait till there is a sale now, what ever excitement I had is turning to annoyance. I just want to buy a phone.
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1. I don't work for Koodo. In fact, I sell all of their competition, but I did activate them at Mobile Shop for 2 years so that's how I became familiar with them. 2. No carrier can guarantee that every store and retailer in the entire country is going to have a minimum of 1 high end device immediately on launch day. That's basically what people are expecting and frankly that's kind of unfair.
Koodo is limiting access so Telus customers get plenty of opportunity before us. It's a week past the regular release and now koodo's announced release date is here and there aren't any phones. It's pathetic. I'm in Toronto and want to spend money ...
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7 of a popular device like the Galaxy Note 4 is actually not that bad, Koodo usually doesn't get too many of each device at a single kiosk actually nomatter what device it is. If you found a storeiin your area WI h 7 in stock then I'm not getting what the issueiis exactly, why don't you just go grab one of the 7?
I work and they will be gone. the lady at that store doubted them lasting even till lunch. Once again, this is already a week later than the regular launch.
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The only downside to Koodo seems to be the availability of high end phones right at launch (see iPhone 6). Even though they sell out super quick, they just don't seem to be "first in line" when it comes to getting shipments from manufacturers. I also agree with Mike Waller...since Telus owns Koodo (and doesn't offer the same lower priced contracts) they will try and streamline people for where they make the most money.