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Why are some of the individual texting records missing on self serve usage record? They were there one day and missing the next.

Self serve and usage details

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Hey Maureen,

You can view a 90 day history of text message event details (including the telephone numbers of the sender/receiver) on your Self-Serve under Usage. If these missing messages were sent or received less than 90 days ago, you should be able to view then on this section. After this period, it is not possible to see them on your Self-Serve.

Thank you, but the issue is that I checked the text usage and saw itemized texts in the morning that were not showing later in the day. Is there a max that they will itemize for a day?. There were a lot for the day. It seemed that the more texts needed to be recorded the early ones in the day dropped off
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There is no max per day, Maureen. You have access to all the message event details (messages sent and received) for the last 90 days on your Self-Serve.
Then I'm confused. I took screen shots of the texts throughout the day. They no longer show.......????
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Maureen. It's still showing you how many message you sent or received. It doesn't show you each individual text by the minutes at the end.

When you check your text usage, do you see the amount saying 8 messages, 3 messages, 10 messages... or 1 message.
If you sent or received multiple message in one hour, they will show you total number in those hour like this:
17:00   sent -416-xxx-xxxx  5 messages
17:00   receive - 416-xxx-xxxx  3 messages
17:29 sent 416 -aaa-aaaa 1 message
21:00 sent - 416 yyy-yyyy 9 messages
21:00 reseived 416-yyy-yyyy 12 messages
21:15   sent 416 xxx-xxxx  1 messages.....

If they show you each text record by minutes per line, you might need hundreds of pages. 

Thanks, i do understand that. The lumped together texts are not showing an accurate time, they post them within an hour or so. No, what I'm saying is I have a screen shot of texts received and sent between 0000 and 1200 hours. When I log back in it only shows the ones from 1100 onward. There are many missing records.