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Why are pictures I sent through gmail a month ago not sending?

Why are my pictures that I sent through gmail a month ago, not sending?

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Hi Meghan, Can you elaborate? Starting with what phone you're trying this on? I'm assuming you had your data/wifi on? Sometimes pictures take a while to upload/send over cell networks, so did you perhaps kill the process before it completed? Or is it just straight-up failing and refusing to even try to send them?
Samsung Galaxy sII x Yes had data/wifi on. I left the gmail open quite awhile and nothing, I looked just yesterday and still sitting on my phone waiting to be sent. Just sitting in limbo
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Mine used to do the same but hasn't in a very long time now (something updated). When it used to happen if I turned off the phone (power off) and then turned it back on the outbox would soon empty (given that it had Wifi or data turned on). Didn't happen all the time but when it did that seemed to be the sure cure, used to be very annoying as my phone takes a relatively long time to power up.