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why am I not getting my bill in my email

Ever since I signed up I have not got my bill in my email and I'm starting to think about going to a new phone company

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Your bill is online on your self serve. You can get a notice of your bill by logging into your self serve account and choosing the options for notification delivery there.
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Hello Patrick,

Paul is right, you can view your bill in PDF format on our website (in the billing section) and you can set your bill notification by email or by sms by following the next steps:

--go to Billing,  
--scroll down to Transaction history
--choose Change Bill type/Notifications (left of Transaction history) 
--select Go Paperless and 
--choose Text message notification for receiving the bill notification by text or
--Email notification to receive the bill notification by email
--Confirm changes 

Please note that is you have chosen to receive the bill by post, you will only receive an sms notification when the bill is ready.

Many thanks!