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why am I charged fees for US service when I was not in the US?!

random charges for data Data Usage0.25 MB$0.0001:43Data Usage0.19 MB$0.0002:43Data Usage0.35 MB$0.0004:43Data Usage0.21 MB$0.0005:43Data Usage0.20 MB$0.0006:30Data Usage0.03 MB$0.0007:24Data Usage0.16 MB$0.0007:59Data Usage0.13 MB$0.0008:19Data Usage0.02 MB$0.0008:23Data Usage0.12 MB$0.0008:40Data Usage US0.03 MB$5.0008:40Data Usage US0.02 MB$0.0008:42Data Usage0.07 MB$0.0009:23Data Usage0.56 MB$0.0009:56Data Usage0.23 MB$0.0010:19Data Usage0.07 MB$0.0010:22Data Usage0.01 MB$0.0010:25Data Usage0.06 MB$0.0010:32Data Usage US0.10 MB$0.0010:32Data Usage US0.03 MB$0.0010:36Data Usage0.10 MB$0.0010:58Data Usage0.30 MB$0.0014:52Data Usage0.47 MB$0.0015:04Data Usage0.14 MB$0.0015:12Data Usage0.27 MB$0.0016:47Data Usage0.33 MB$0.0017:47Data Usage0.10 MB$0.0018:15Data Usage0.00 MB$0.0018:16Data Usage3.49 MB$0.0018:26Data Usage0.20 MB$0.0018:54Data Usage0.00 MB$0.0020:15Data Usage0.00 MB$0.0020:15Data Usage0.00 MB$0.0020:17Data Usage0.10 MB$0.0020:18Data Usage0.32 MB$0.0021:31Data Usage0.00 MB$0.00

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Were you close to the US border? Sometimes, for whatever perverse reason, if you are close to the US border your device can connect to the US tower rather than a Canadian tower. Experience speaks volumes. If you weren't anywhere near the US, call Koodo and verify your location and kindly ask for an adjustment.
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grampad wrote:

Were you close to the US border? Sometimes, for whatever perverse reason, if you are close to the...

There's nothing perverse about it. The phone is designed to use the strongest signal out of all the towers that it is capable of connecting to. If you want a phone that is capable of working when you do go to the US, that means that US towers must be included.
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Hey there! Most phones come with an option to block the data roaming, which would be available the data settings of your phone. Regarding the calls, you can manually choose the network from the settings of your phone when you're close to the border. Need help finding these settings? If so, let us know which phone you have 🙂