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Why am I charged $600 roaming charges and no warning at all?

Im in the Philippines for a month now. I was automatically connected to roaming when I arrived in the Philippines. I didn't know I will be charged $600 in roaming! My cellphone is on yes but I seldom used it. I know I will be charged for every outgoing text so I used it for text messaging for a few times. Why there was no warning at all that if I'm already incurring too much charges at least when I reached $300?! I was shocked to see my bill $722.00!!!!! Will you just cut my line!!!!!!  I will not pay that much!!!!!! I didn't even used my cellphone!!!!!!

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Well due to CRTC rules, Koodo sends out a text message when you've reached at least $100 in overages for international roaming and you have the option to opt in to continued overage or else they stop your service. If you can prove you didn't receive that message - or if you did, you declined - then you can call up Koodo and explain the situation to see what can be done about the charges since that's in violation of the CRTC rules. Otherwise the charges are valid.
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With so many horror stories in the news over the past year or 2 about roaming charges, it still always surprises me a little when it comes up. But I would try and do what Jonathan mentioned, if you don't then Yes they cut your line, but they will still expect you to pay the bill, and if you don't they will send it to collections. So its a much better option trying to work with Koodo and figure out what happened.
Whenever I visit a different country I make sure data is turned off completely and make sure that roaming is not possible if the data is turned on anyway. It's all in your settings, check them and change them accordingly. You have a smart phone, you have apps you have installed that will use data, it's your responsibility to be a smart user of your smart phone.