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Why am I being charged usage fees when I have unlimited calling

I am on a plan with unlimited calling (specifically got this plan for that reason) now I am charged another 205 in usage fees? Usage of my unlimited calling costs me $205?

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Check page 3 of your bill. What does it say the charges are for? Where were you calling? When did you become a customer? Did you change your plan in the middle of your cycle?
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Hi Rachel - as Chad suggested, if you look at your bill it helps explains all the details of the charges.
From what I see, you changed your rate plan in early April from a plan that used to give you 1,000 daytime mins. to an unlimited plan. Prior to the change, you went over your allotment of minutes pretty significantly, so that's what the charges are for. If you look at the detailed bill, you'll see that no airtime is charged after the date the plan was switched over.