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Wht about the 35 plan

Sounds to me u should not even have customers(friend)example if u r gonna betray them not for a short time but a long time.

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Could you clarify and/or explain what the problem is? Are you saying it isnt fair that Quebec has a $35 plan and the rest of thr provinces dont?
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$35 plan...ok what about it?
Did you:
1. Get on an out of province plan, then get re-priced?
2. Incur any billing/collections issues?
3. Refer a friend and not get the credit?
4. Get billed for overages or roaming fees?
5. Lose a friend or family member who is still being billed for Koodo wireless service?
6. Expect to be invited to your friend's birthday party who happens to work for Koodo?
If none of the above (and nothing similar to the above, either), then I suggest this thread should be closed as spam.