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wholesale parts for Koodo phones

well my samsung galaxy ace S5830D got run over by a car. I'm upside down on my koodo tab. no free upgrades or.gift card at Walmart; Future Shop. Koodo says buy new phone. I say fix my own myself. koodo sell me the glass for my phone wholesale.

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No, Koodo does not sell parts for the phone. If you want your phone repaired, either have Koodo do it(and be charged the repair fee) or take it into a local electronic repair shop.
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Hey Daniel, you can always check out Ebay for cell phone parts. I found this for your phone if it's only the glass part you need : http://www.ebay.ca/itm/NEW-OEM-LCD-Touch-Screen-Digitizer-Lens-Glass-for-Samsung-Galaxy-Ace-S5830-D-/130793668281?pt=US_Cell_Phone_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash=item1e73e8feb9#ht_3858wt_934
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If it is Galaxy Ace it might be cheaper to buy a new one than repair it. I got my Ace about 2 weeks ago with $50(Certified Pre-Owned Phone) at Koodo store in shopping mall. You can call nearby koodo store and ask them what kind of Pre-owned/ Refurbish phone they have. You may find a good deal 🙂
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Mobile Shop is offering the advertised GC value on new acts AND upgrades right now, so make sure to check us out!
It's an ACE, let it die