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Which Version of Android is on the LG G4 H812 the Koodo kiosks are selling?

I've done some research on the web and some sites say the OS would be an Android 5 variety and others say Android 6. I'd like to know what the one currently sold at the kiosks supports. The advertising copy only says Android (as does the website).

Also, there was a September OTA update that fixed a variety of issues with the G4 and I'd love to know if that update has been made available by Koodo. This is a secondary question that isn't related to the first.

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MobileSyrup mentions the upgrade to Marshmallow for LG G4 devices was made available back in February 2016.

Certified pre-owned devices should be up-to-date to at least Android 6.0. Koodo mentions: "All Koodo Certified Pre-Owned phones get upgraded to the latest software version available. Plus, a 100% system wipe is performed to ensure phone is free of any old content (i.e. phone numbers, contact, pictures, videos etc.)".

See - Certified Pre-Owned Phones - What is involved in the Full System Wipe and Software Update?

I wasn't able to find any information regarding a September OTA update for this year. There was an OTA update sent out in September of last year that addressed many issues with the device. Is this the update you're referring to?

H812: 10H Update 344MB (OTA)
I wasn't sure which year the fairly important looking OTA update came out (just that it was Sept), so it could have been Sept 2015.  The problems were things like issues when browsing content heavy web sites (freeze ups) and screen touch sensitivity and some others.

The only other thing that scares me is some issues people have reported with boot looping. I'm seeing this phone as a decent phone for a reasonable price but I need a reliable phone and things like boot loops that require an RMA to the manufacturer don't seem like something one would want.

I'm not looking at a pre-owned - I'm looking at a new-in-box LG G4 H812 from the kiosk. The advertising copy really ought to say which android version is installed on the new phones when they are sold (I include the website in that).

Thanks for the info about the upgrade and finding the september OTA from 2015. That's helpful.