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which phones have the fastest processors?

which phones currently available through koodo, have the fastest processors?

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Galaxy S7/Edge, then the Nexus 6P. Keep in mind that on paper, all of the more expensive Androids Koodo carries have more cores and are clocked higher than the iPhones, but they're not as feature rich as Android and are heavily optimized so they perform at a high level too. Similar situation with the 6P, even though it's running the Snapdragon 810 from last year, it's running stock Android and performs admirably. Paper specs and benchmarks are one thing, real world performance is another.
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According to TechRadar, without simply looking at clock speeds:

1. S7 Edge
2. S7
3. iPhone 6S
4. G4
5. iPhone 6S Plus
6. Nexus 6P