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Which is better Galaxy or iPhone?

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There is a lot of misinformation I think from people that either did not use at all or did not use an iPhone much: - mp3 files are not converted to anything by iTunes by default. I think there is an option somewhere if you want to explicitly convert everything to AAC, but you need to explicitly turn that on. - any mp3 (ripped, downloaded) can be added to iTunes; I have yet to find an mp3 file that I cannot add. - iCloud is different in how 3rd party applications can transparently sync their settings and content between various devices using the same application. It is not just for contacts, email, calendar. In fact I personally use Google for these basic sync services. iCloud is very useful for all the other apps, in the sense that it does not require a specific setup. It just works. - Apple does sometimes, not always, close gaps allowing jailbreaking, but the same applies for other Android vendors which they do not allow the "rooting" of their device. The last few releases, did not break jailbreaking. In any case, what is better is relative and subjective. There are many things that need to be taken into account, that is why I am not saying which one is better for everybody (I can say what is better for me), I just wanted to clarify some misconceptions...
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There is a lot of misinformation I think from people that either did not use at all or did not us...Google Drive is a full cloud service, Google has it covered with a few different apps that all integrate together. Jailbreaking the will not be able to be done soon as Apple stated last week that they have fixed a couple more of the exploits used to jailbreak and that they are working towards have them all closed off soon.
There is a lot of misinformation I think from people that either did not use at all or did not us...I think you are confusing different things just because they have the word "cloud" in them... Google Drive is indeed a cloud service, Gmail is a cloud service, Hotmail (outlook.com now) is a cloud service, etc. iCloud is an umbrella term, positioned by Apple as a product which encompasses many cloud services: mail, contacts, calendar, your device back-up settings, office documents, bookmarks, reminders, notes. In addition iCloud encompasses photos and videos sync, music books, etc. There is no equivalent for Google drive in iCloud. You do not get access to a "drive" with folders and files, but applications can store things, things which are only visible to that application across devices. It is less flexible but easier to use for many people, because they do not have to save documents or application settings anywhere explicitly, it just happens.