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where should i buy my new phone?

my samsung ace 2x battery has major issues now so im thinking of getting i new phone. im thinking of either the nexus 5 or the samsung S4. if i buy from koodo will the phone be locked to koodo? because i can buy the nexus 5 unlocked from google as well

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The Nexus 5 is unlocked even if purchased from Koodo. You're better off buying directly from Google as the 32 GB model is cheaper than Koodo sells the 16 GB model for (and Koodo only sells the 16 GB model). Also, the only colour available from Koodo is black. The S4 would be locked to Koodo.
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If a phone decision comes down to price (not locked-ness or better specs from off-carrier source), always check out the BestBuy/Future Shop sort of outlets, in case of a promotional deal. I just bought a Koodo Moto G, nominally $150. Future Shop was also offering a $50.gift certificate on the phone. And when I went in last Thursday, it turned out to be VIP day, and they doubled the.gift certificate to $100. I wound up effectively paying $50 for the phone, since the.gift cards were as good as cash to me.