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Where's my contacts?

  • 26 March 2013
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So I recently switched my sim card from one phone to another. It seems like I lost my contacts but when i go to save them it tells me my sim card is full to delete something. What do I do? Can I still recover my contacts somehow?

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5 replies

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When you open contacts hit the menu Now tap import / Import from sim
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If your switching from an Android to an Android or BlackBerry Z10 just choose to sync your Google contacts. In this case there's no need for putting your contacts on your SIM Card.
I suggest that you synch your users with your email and have them available all the time when you define the email to any smart phone, this will give you portability for your contacts.
Still seems weird though...when I try to see contacts on my sim it tells me there is none, but if I try to save any to it, it says it's full to delete existing. Still not sure what to do about that??
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Hey Kim! You should give a call to one of our techs. Please dial 1-866-995-6636 (option #6) from a landline and a technician will assist you further. You can also visit a Koodo Store (http://koo.do/oR0Tvb) and a rep will take a look at it. Thank you.